American Health Institute

AHI Home Health Aide (HHA) Program

Home health aides help elderly, convalescent, or disabled persons live in their
own homes instead of in a health care facility. Under the direction of nursing or medical staff, they provide health-related services, such as assisting with oral medications. Like nursing aides, home health aides may check patients’ pulse rate, temperature, and respiration rate; help with simple prescribed exercises; keep patients’ rooms neat; and help patients to move from bed, bathe, dress and groom.
This 5 week program (2 days a week) is designed to prepare students for employment as Home Health Aide, or Home maker for private patients, in a home health agency, and as independent contractors The program includes instruction for Home making care skills, doing groceries, cleaning house, cooking, basic skills related to Nursing assistant duties, vital signs, transfer to wheelchair, turn and reposition patient, body alignment, health care delivery systems, basics of medical records services, legal and ethical responsibilities, and employ-ability skills Students will have 75 classroom/Skills hours, the Certified Nursing Assistant test preparation course and CPR with AED for adult, child and infant. Additionally, required continuing education classes are included covering AIDS/HIV Awareness, Alzheimer’s, Assistance with Medications, Domestic Violence, First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens (OSHA) ”.

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The SOC and CIP codes for Home Health Aide are SOC 31-1011, CIP 51.2602. As reported in our catalog, you may see the following:
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